TUG Test

  • The Timed Up and Go (TUG) test is used to assess a person’s mobility.  The subject starts seated in a chair, and is asked to stand up, walk around a cone placed 3 meters away, and sit back down into the chair.  The test general takes 10 to 20 seconds to complete.

AMP Test

  • The Amputee Mobility Predictor test is used to assess determinants of an amputee’s lower-limb ability to walk


  • The Modified Clinical Test of Sensor Interaction and Balance (mCTSIB)  test is used to assess both vestibular and non-vestibular balance

6 Minute Walk Test

  • The 6MWT is used to assess the distance walked over 6 minutes as an approximate test of aerobic capacity and endurance

10 Meter Walk Test

  • The 10MWT is used to assess the speed at which a subject walks over a short duration, 10 meters

Self Report

  • A collection of standardized instruments for the subjective reporting of prosthetic satisfaction, perceived mobility, and other measures of pain and independence