Utilization and Equipment

Functional Outcomes Research and Evaluation (FORE) Center


Research Equipment: The Prosthetic Observational Gait Assessment Form (POGA), Protokinetics Zeno Mat Instrumented Walkway System, Tekscan®WalkwayTM System, Tekscan® F-ScanTM Mobile System, Neurocom® Balance Master®, Neurocom® PRO Balance Master®; APDM inertial measurement system (6 sensor system); Biometrics Electro-goniometer; 24-foot long wooden inclined ramp; 4-step collapsible staircase

Office: 3 Staff Offices (185,184,150), 1 conference room (174).

Technology Environment: 7 software development workstations (Apple® and Windows®); electronics workbench with oscilloscope, logic analyzer, soldering station, electrical parts and components, and electronics tools; Weka® data mining software, Matlab® signal processing and algorithm development software