Andrew Ayers served as both a full-time Sr. Programmer (2014-2015) and a graduate research assistant (2012-2014) at the FORE Center. During his time here, his responsibilities focused primarily on the development of iOS applications for research projects, as well as machine learning and audio feedback algorithms for use on gait data.  Andrew left the lab in August of 2015 to join the Applied Research Institute at the University of Illinois.


Amit Garg joinedAmitFore the FORE Lab in the summer of 2013 as a rising junior at UMiami. His interest in the junction of neuroscience (his B.S. degree) and music (his minor) led him to FORE because of its interdisciplinary research in music, biomedical engineering, and psychology. Amit began researching different paradigms in psychoacoustics, the perception of sound, specifically in the context of medical alarms. Following Dr. Bennett’s work, he developed a cognitive model of auditory perception that he believes will help in the design of alarms and other auditory displays (publication in press). In addition to this research, he was the lead operator of the 3D printers housed in the lab. He designed various objects such as biomedical devices, arduino cases, and other objects in need at the lab (did someone say espresso tamper?). He will begin his Master’s degree at Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2015 in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

LindseyLindsey Minahan started working at the FORE Center in May of 2014 due to her interest in prosthetics and her previous experience in the realm of biomechanics. During her summer in the lab, she was involved in writing and editing an extensive MATLAB program for data analysis of an amputee Sit-to-Stand study, and she participated in regulatory affairs for ongoing and perspective studies. She also worked with a top-notch design team to create a knee angle measurement device consisting of a potentiometer and 3D printed components for clinical trial use. During her senior year, Lindsey kept in touch with the lab as she completed her senior design project, which was based on the knee angle measurement device, and won the Department of Biomedical Engineering Outstanding Design Award with her design partner, Monica Izquierdo. Lindsey graduated Summa Cum Laude in May of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a mechanical concentration and began working as a Quality Assurance Intern at the intelligent orthopedic device company OrthoSensor in Fort Lauderdale.

Daniel Avissar came to the FORE Center as a GMUE in 2012 with two BA’s–the first in English and Women’s Studies from Duke University (2005), and the second in Music Technology from Bar-Ilan University in Israel (2012). His work at the FORE Center included designing a model for real-time analysis of kinematic data and processing auditory bio-feedback in Max/MSP. As an R&D intern at Waves Audio in summer 2013, he created an internal tool for measuring and analyzing room impulse responses, which formed the basis of his Master’s thesis research on room impulse response morphing. After graduating from UM, Daniel returned to his beloved Tel Aviv, Israel to start a position as the Mobile Product Manager at Waves Audio’s Consumer division. Daniel will be the first to admit he moved to a foreign country solely on the basis of the quality of its Hummus.